KINGHAEM® | Ferrous Ascorbate + Folic Acid + Zinc Sulphate Tab/Sus/Drop



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KINGHAEM Tablet :-

Each tablet contains :-

Ferrous Ascorbate—————————-100mg

Folic Acid————————————–1.5mg

Zinc Sulphate———————————22.5mg

KINGHAEM Suspension/Drop :-

Each 5ml contains :-

Ferrous Ascorbate—————————–30mg

Folic Acid————————————-550mcg


KINGHAEM® : Ferrous Ascorbate + Folic Acid Tablet/Sus./Drop

KINGHAEM® : Ferrous Ascorbate + Folic Acid Tablet/Sus./Drop



Ferrous Ascorbate & Folic Acid, a synthetic form of iron and vitamin C is prescribed for pregnant women to prevent spina bifida in an unborn fetus, to improve iron utilization and to prevent folate or iron deficiency anemia.


Ferrous ascorbate is a synthetic form of iron and vitamin C. Iron is recycled by the body and produce erythroid precursor cells. Exogenous administration of folic acid is essential for normal erythropoiesis process. Folic acid is vital for the biosynthesis of purines and thymidylate of nucleic acids. Defective purine biosynthesis due to folate deficiency leads to megaloblastic anemia and macrocytic anemia.


Ferrous Ascorbate:

After oral administration, the iron is predominantly absorbed in the upper jejunum and duodenum. About 90% of the administered dose is bound to plasma proteins. The iron as ferrous forms binds with transferrin and transported to the spleen, liver and bone marrow. The GI absorption of iron is very low due to systemic recycling of iron. About 1 mg/day of endogenous iron is eliminated in the urine, skin and feces.

Folic acid:

Folic acid is rapidly absorbed in the proximal portion of the small intestine. After oral administration, the Cmax can be achieved within one hour. As tetrahydrofolic acid derivative, folic acid is well-distributed in all over the body tissues and stored in hepatic tissues. Folic acid is metabolized in liver into dihydrofolate and tetrahydrofolate forms. About 90% of the administered dose is excreted via the urine.


Ferrous ascorbate+Folic acid is contraindicated in patients with iron supplements allergy, patients with hemosiderosis, haemolytic anemia, active infections and hemochromatosis.


Zinc Sulphate:

It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, a list of the most important medication needed in a basic health system


DOSAGE >>> As directed by Physician


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